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SPORT MANAGEMENT EVENTS – TIME KEEPER is above all a professional team consisting of timekeepers who have combined their skills to handle a timing system able to respond to all requirements of race timing. Discover a real plug & play system, offering countless possibilities, yet easy to handle, more efficient, reliable and accurate than most competitors. We want to provide the best service, flexibility, innovation and technical support to help develop your event.

What kind of hardware we are using ?


Excellent detection on mass races
For heavy runner densities (finish/start lines)
Covers up to a 10 meters width
Used on major road races across the world

U150 – also for intermediate points

Excellent detection on narrow tracks or light finish lines
Plug and play (literally!)
Multiple connectivity & internal battery
Stand alone solution


For remote aid stations
Light & easy to use
Stands any weather
Small, replaceable internal battery

Organizers this is everything you ever wanted for your event! Easy to use, ergonomic, light, our nano is a real stand-alone timing solution. Particularly suitable for extreme, long-distance races with remote, uneasy to access timing points.
A reliable solution that guarantees 100% detections.

A Sport Management Events – uRTime® exclusivity in Romania !

Nano improves race safety by keeping an eye on each competitor throughout the event. Nano includes all the advantages of a full timing system, pocket-sized  suited for harsh outdoor conditions (rain, cold, heat…).

What kind of software we are using ?

Live Trail

LiveTrail®  is a French company who is specialized in IT development in the outdoor sport area. Known for many years as the leader in live following of very long races, its more important client, UTMB®, is today the world summit trail races. 

Our main software LiveTrail® : Innovative digital service to follow and manage endurance races (Trail, Bike, Nordic ski, Triathlon, ect…) in live who allowing :

  • Organizer be able to preview racers flow, manage information’s, detect alerts through many tools based on our racers forecasting system at every checkpoints. As a system congratulated many times by public and speakers, it is used by very famous command centre’s such as the UTMB® one.
  • Public can follow either racers and the ranking in real time on internet. Estimation allow them anticipate the next step to arrive in time on Finish line or a next checkpoint and applause their racers.

A Sport Management Events – LiveTrail® exclusivity in Romania !

LiveTrail® use many tools:


RACE LEADERS pasting ITRA favourites, race leader ranking, prediction at the next points

RACER TRACKING live tracking of the racer, passage forecasting at the next checkpoints racer’s list customization

LIVE RANKING real time general ranking, category ranking (region / country), specific ranking

VIDEO webcam live, replay of racers’ passage on its personal page (available 2min after its move), after the race: souvenir video

MULTI MEDIA Applications: SMS, Live Info, website, Live Run


A DEDICATED APPLICATION Live Run app available on iOS and Android

NOTIFICATION ranking for each checkpoint, time, remaining distance

SECURITY drop out message, help request

FOLLOW FRIENDS information’s about friends at checkpoints, timing comparison with friends or other runners

COMPARATOR performance comparison between racers

ORGANIZATION message reception


PRE-RACE PREPARATION estimated passage board, cut-off timing calculation, volunteer schedule preparation

REGISTRATION MANAGEMENT multilingual, online payment, customizable, qualifying race management, lottery management, management of medical certificates, invitations management (elites, partners ..)

INFORM racers management via the website, emergency communication by SMS, media access for results, results synchronization on the ITRA website

DROP OUT MANAGEMENT entry of dropouts on the field, real time synchronization with command centre

ANOMALY MANAGEMENT / SECURITY racers’ flows management allowing adapting cut-off time, aid station management, race cancellation management, warning table about anomalies

EQUITY CHECKING full race completion, timing inconsistencies control


ANIMATION information’s about favourites (based on ITRA database), first arrival estimation, live statistics

DISPLAY SCREEN optimized widget for public display

SUMMARY SHEET prize giving results generated in less than 5 minutes


Live Info and Live Run

LIVE RUN app (for racers):

NOTIFICATIONS AT EACH CHECK POINT Receive a notification at each checkpoint with your time, your ranking and all the race info that will be useful

FOLLOW YOUR FRIENDS Do your friends run the same race? Follow them to find out your time differences, cross the finish line together or keep playing the competition to the end will become easier

SUITABLE FOR SMARTWATCH Notifications are simple and it is possible to set your smartphone to display notifications on your smartwatch in order to keep your phone in your bag

INFORM OR CONTACT THE COMMAND CENTER Three buttons on the home page to help you to manage any problem during the race. Signal your giving up, send an SOS message or call the command centre very easily

SET YOUR GHOST RACER (PREMIUM OPTION) Do you have a goal on your race? Set up a ghost racer based on your ITRA scored or based on timing goal. You will be informed by notification if you are in time compared to your ghost

TRACKING GPS (PREMIUM OPTION) You can use your smartphone as a GPS tracker. Your position will be reachable on your file on tracking website. Set the tracking to remain private (organization only); restricted to be reachable only with a chosen password; or public to be reachable by everyone

LIVE INFO app (for public):

ERGONOMIC More ergonomics on smartphone than website to find all the race information’s  (Ranking, Stats, Race leader, Course, etc …)

ARRIVE BEFORE YOUR RACER Start the navigation to a checkpoint. The LiveTrail®  racers time estimation and your own on your GPS, you will be able to follow your racers effectively

AUTOMATIC NOTIFICATIONS (PREMIUM OPTION) Receive notifications automatically for all racers you want

CUSTOMIZABLE (PREMIUM OPTION) Your app can be customisable to showcase your most important information

OFF LINE MODE Contrary to the website, if your internet connection is poor, you will be able to access the latest data loaded on your mobile phone while waiting to recover the live 


Wiclax is a powerful and complete race scoring and race timing software solution to manage all your events, easily and efficiently. It’s built by and for demanding timekeepers.

Today Wiclax is a complete and highly reliable race scoring and race timing software solution, built with the latest technologies. It combines a powerful set of features with an uncompromising ease of use.

Wiclax is designed to meet your race timing needs for a wide range of sporting events:

  • Running, from trail to road races with thousands of runners
  • Cycling, including UCI stage races, time trials, team time trials…
  • Triathlon, aquathlon and duathlon, easily combining splits and segment times
  • but also any kind of inline races, laps races, relay races…

It’s dedicated to the results broadcasting:

  • Live race data on any kind of device (PC, pad, smartphone)
  • Web publication on your site! without any technical prerequisite
  • All the outputs can be translated into your local language
  • Broadcast of SMS to participant followers or notifications to dedicated Event App for smartphones


Send us an e-mail to office@runincluj.ro and let us know about: name of the event, web site, estimated number of racers, number of control points, contact person name and phone.


Ranking – Bucovina Ultra Rocks – LiveTrail®

Ranking – Cluj EcoTrail Ultramarathon – LiveTrail®

Ranking – Feleacu Running Hills – LiveTrail®

Next events timed with LIVE TRAIL: Maraton VIA TRANSILVANICA, Bucovina Ultra Rocks, Hoia Baciu Night Run, Rodnei Ultra Odiseea and Cluj Eco Trail Ultramarathon.

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